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About Us 


Get to know Womb Shanti 

Womb Shanti is both a womb wellness practice and an apothecary store, that creates unique and personalized experiences through our all organic handmade items that are safe for children, adults, and elders. 


Womb Shanti began completely out of a need that our Lead Herbalist, Creative Visionary, and Certified Womb Health and a Trauma-Informed Practitioner, Iyanifa Ifátinúwẹ̀ Shanti Parvan who saw a lacking within her gender and cultural community. Taught by both Taino and African Elders, Ifátinúwẹ̀ combines oral and formal practicum. Currently, Ifátinúwẹ̀ is a Homeopathy and Alchemist apprentice.  


Reflecting on her upbringing, realization kicked in, that a lot of information about womb health and healing is surrounded by shame and pure lack of knowledge. The oral tradition of teaching had somehow become broken. And so, Ifátinúwẹ̀ felt a responsibility to repair this lineage, not only for herself and her family but for others as well. 


Womb Shanti is more than just a service providing entity through reiki healing and herbal treatment like yoni steaming, but a community of sharing and reflecting. A safe space to explore and showcase our true selves with no judgment. 

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