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An Online 12 Week Kundalini Collective into the UNKOWN


Presented by Iyanifa Ifátinúwẹ̀ Shanti Parvan & Creator of Womb Shanti.

Ifátinúwẹ̀ Shanti Parvan is a Kundalini practitioner, Herbalist and Trauma Informed Womb Health practitioner. This 12 week in-depth Dark Shadow Collective explores, our relationship with the emotions of Anger, Fear, & Grief among others.


The 12-week journey will consist of:

  • weekly collective virtual gathering 

  • 4 kriyas

  • 6 reflective somatic meditation, &

  • a WEEKLY journal to help guide you to becoming your own healer.

This journey will begin on Saturday, April 16th 2022 on the PINK Full Moon. A time to go deep within the dark waters of ourselves. 


Join the 12 weeks journey for only: 


To participate reserve your spot by clicking the link below and complete the online application process.  

On this 12 week journey, we will cover