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Dark Shadow Collective

A 12 Week Kundalini Collective into the UNKOWN

Dark Shadow Self

Walk with the Dark Side 

Are you quick to get angry? 


Do find yourself saying the phrase "I'm fine!" or "That okay!" often and to sum up your state of being? 

Do you find it difficult to cry or feel emotions?


Are you hyper-sensitive ?

DO you constantly seeking/ have the feeling of being on the run? 


Are you unable to move unsure of everything and everyone?

These are all signs of unprocessed emotions. 

The Dark Shadow Collective is about tapping into the uncharted waters of our minds, spirit, and emotions. It awakens the reality that the things we thought we left in the past have some how sipped into our present. And if left unresolved, will continue into our future.

Deep within our subconscious we hold the key to unlocking our fullest potential. 

To live the life that we desire and try to manifest. 

On this 12 week journey, we will uncover

Unsure if the journey is for you?

Join me and past attendees at one of our FREE online discussion/experience 

Intro into the Dark Side 


Next Upcoming Session

Saturday, Nov 16th, 2024 at 7pm 

During the FREE course we will discuss

* What is the dark shadow?

 * How is it present in our lives? 

* How can this collective community help unlock what is deep within?

While also, doing a short breath kundalini practice to tap into our emotion of ANGER, FEAR, & GRIEF

To join the FREE Online zoom 

SIGN Up for the prefer session 

Session 1 : 11/16/24 

Session 2: 12/14/24

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The journey will begin on

Saturday, Dec 21, 2024, Winter Solstice.

A time to go deep within the dark waters of ourselves. 


Join the 12 weeks journey with a $5,000 value 


(includes Program + Guatemala retreat)

payment plans are available

To participate click & complete the registration form

Presented by:
Iyanifa Ifátinúwẹ̀ Shanti Parvan  Creator of Womb Shanti

Ifátinúwẹ̀ Shanti Parvan is a Kundalini practitioner, Herbalist and Trauma Informed Womb Health practitioner. This 12-week in-depth Dark Shadow Collective explores, our relationship with the emotions of Anger, Fear, & Grief among others.


The 12-week journey will consist of:

  • 12 collective hybrid gathering

  • 4 kriyas

  • 6 reflective somatic meditation,

  • 6 - 1 on 1 individual session (bi-weekly 30 minutes)

    • Intention setting 

    • Plan setting  

    • Process 

  • Grounding group session ​

  • Ceremonies

    • Winter Solstice ​

    • Hape Ceremony 

  • 10 days/ 9 nights Triple Moon Goddess Retreat to Guatemala

(Lodging, activities, internal transportation, meals, ceremony and more. flight not included)

In addition, you will receive 

  • Printed Dark Shadow Journaling book

  • Access to the Dark Shadow Soundtrack 

  • Access to the Dark Shadow Kriyas recording 

  • Access to the Dark Shadow meditation recording 

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