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Intuitive Womb

The journey begins with grace, love and faith. Together we will slow down, pay attention to the energy flow, and maximize your potential over the next 3-month



Hey There

Are you finding it hard to find a solution to the plaguing womb issues?

Considering a holistic approach to your womb wellness. bring your body to wholeness by allowing your body to find its own natural rhythm. Deep dive into your womb with a customized wellness program.

Womb Wellness Program

Is a customized in-depth program created to help you find a solution to the imbalance occurring within you. The womb wellness program includes functional medicine for women's health with an exclusive concierge experience. This program was created so you could feel fully held and supported in order to truly transform your health. Over the course of our time together we will work to uncover the root cause to your symptoms and provide you with a customized plan to help you feel your best. 

Ready to uncover the root cause to your symptoms and start feeling your best? 

Is this You?

  • Do you experience pain or symptoms related to your menstrual cycle?

  • Do you have endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts or pelvic pain?

  • Do you desire to cultivate a more fertile relationship with yourself and your womb space?

  • Do you struggle with loving yourself or your body?

  • Do you want to prepare your womb for conception?

  • Do you feel like everyone else’s needs are more important than your own?

  • Are you holding onto ancestral trauma?

  • Have you had chronic miscarriages?

  • Are you struggling with infertility?

  • Are you feeling called to reclaim your womb after childbirth? 

  • Have you had a hysterectomy?

  • Do you feel you are holding energetic residue of past lovers?

  • Do you struggle with accessing pleasure?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is for you…

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"I was absolutely blown away with my experience and encounter at Flor da Vida Women's Wellness! I loved every minute of my experience and will most definitely be returning for more session with Shanti!!! 10/10 I will tell EVERY woman I know about this amazing place! Thank you so much. Ashe"

Zuly NJ, NJ

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