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The medical definition of the womb is defined as an organ that is hallowed, pear-shaped, and located in the lower abdomen in a female body. The womb is also part of the female reproductive system and its function is to reproduce new offspring. 


However, throughout mythology, the womb has symbolized more and has been represented by divine entities like Atabey (Taino), Osun (Yoruba), Yamaha (Yoruba), Kokopelli (Native American), & Mesknenet (Egyptian). The commonality between these and others is that it always possesses a female pronoun (Goddess) with similar characteristics of water (fluidity & acceptance), and fertility (manifestations, creation, & earth). 

Through an array of Indigenous learned practices, at Womb Shanti, we offer Women & Men the opportunity to reclaim their womb health. We believe that "not all wombs are alike" and therefore, all of our herbal treatments are approached with an individualistic lens. We ensure that our clients and their wombs receive a personalized experience. In addition, we offer all of our services in the comfort of YOUR HOME. We believe that the sacredness of healing begins not just within the temple of your body, but also in the comfort of your safe space- the HOME.  

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