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Pregnant Woman


Doula vs.


 Originally the "doula" was the head servant of the woman of the house. That brings up slavery, servantude concept. As such, I do not refer the work I do with women during this beautiful experience as such but as a Companion to honor the sacredness and ritualistic aspect of the journey. 

Therefore, I offer 3 options in which you can work with me during this amazing and transformative  journey


As a birth companion/assistant, I'm offer my support and assistance to both traditional midwives and mothers on their special day of rebirth.  Ensuring for a secure a safe and natural birth at home.


Journey on a 40-day postpartum healing program. The programs includes the support and care mothers needs to restore and rebalance their body back to wholeness. As such, the program includedes:

Woman in Bed

Early Birth 

Wether it's your decision or the decision of the spirit baby to remain on this earth. You body has undergone a change and that transformation must and needs to be honored just the same. ALL mother's deserve to be carried for. 

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