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Lingam Steaming

Updated: May 5, 2021

Why Is it Important?

Lingam steaming what is it? And why is it important? An ancient art form revered as something only the Emperors could indulge in. The practice can be found across various cultures and regions. And yet, the practice has barely taken front seat in today’s society. Surrounded by an enormous cloud of judgement and stigma. The lingam is referred to as the male sexual organ and some would also refer to it as the"pillar of light." The lingam in many ways is the MALE WOMB, it is the man’s ability to connect to his own divine wisdom, manifest his creative power, shed inner light into his darkest parts, and embrace his sexual animalistic being.

So again, why isn’t this practiced done more often by men? Well, a lingam steaming also known as A Steam, is the direct flow of herbal medicinal steam through the anal canal. During this practice it is extremely important that the testicles are covered and protected. This is very different, than doing a traditional penis soaking. A well informed practitioner would select the ideal herbs that are most vital to male health and reproductive system.

The benefits of lingam steam is both energetically and physically healing. A lingam steaming can help to clear blockages and stagnation, aid in stabilizing emotion and energies, help reduce muscle tension, assist in erectile dysfunction and balance hormones. In addition, it can assist in easing abdominal discomfort, improve urine stream, fight infections, correct digestive disorders, and aid hemorrhoids discomfort. Lastly, lingam steaming can also assist reduce the inflammation of the prostate and promote a healthy colon.

As an advocate for organic and traditional self care, unfortunately, most men are not open to experiencing a lingam steam, particularly because it focus on two main things, a. the fact that the treatment is about the anus and b. it would require men to open up about their own reproductive and emotional health. Surveying a few men, the ideology/concept of “machismo” took front and center during the conversation. Immediately they would laugh uncomfortably and express that as a heterosexual man, “This is just something they don’t do.”

Truthfully speaking, as equal counterparts, we need to have more discussion on the ideals surrounding what truly constitutes a “MAN”. Too often, especially in traditional Spanish speaking cultures, there is a fear which surrounds this false construct. And yet, lingam steaming was practiced by our ancestors and royalty for generations until colonialism destroyed numerous cultures and societies.

As women, keepers of ancient ways, and divine beings, we need to create a safer space to further discuss the ideals and stigma around male genital health. We need to challenge society ideals and allow for the space for our male counterpart to evolve, grow, and explore what it means to be genuinely open and communicate. And so, I challenge you my fellow warriors to be a reminder to your husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and the other men in your life, that men can steam too, explore their creative and divine womb, and practice a healthier and more natural form of healing.

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