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Cerrada- A Closing Ceremony

A Cerrada ceremony marks the closing of the beautiful journey of birthing, a celebration of the female body, and the welcoming to the amazing community of motherhood. The ceremony is usually performed 40 days after the mother has given birth, however, it can be performed even years later.  


The ritual encompasses a series of traditional Indigenous healing practices in which the mother is invited to talk about any aspect of her birth experience or her new role as a mother that she wants to discuss, process or resolve. The Cerrada is a wonderfully nurturing way of honoring the mother and to help too physically, spiritually, and emotionally close her body, chakras, in addition,  realign and support her organs.


The ceremony is performed in the comfort of your own home, if you wish a friend or family member can also participate and whenever possible have someone to look after your baby during the process. All you need to provide is a warm space, a couple of towels and some blankets. We will bring  the music, herbs, massage oil, rebozos and lots of feminine energy and love…

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