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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Welcome to Womb Shanti

Womb Shanti is a mobile spa using alternative herbal medicinal practices to bring the body back to wholeness. It was created as an answer to my growing frustration and the endless dead-end I encountered with Western Medicine. For several years, I've been dealing with skin issues, which I assumed was Eczema. However, about two years ago, I soon realize that was not the case. In seeking medical advice from doctors, I was never given a sufficient answer or solution to the problem. Turning to alternative herbal medicine has not given me a complete solution, what it did provide me with was knowledge and understanding of how my body works and reacts to things. Information, otherwise I didn't have or know about.

The further I explored, the more I learned that the information I was collecting can be and is helpful to others. Starting off slow, I began sharing it with friends and family that were encountering similar skin issues or just general things like the common cough or allergies. In aiding these mild issues with homeopathic treatments, I saw changes in people and myself. This soon grew into helping strangers. I knew I had found my calling!

Finding my calling

But like most individuals what does it mean and how do you begin? Although I've taken and earned several certifications, I continue to enroll in various formal and informal educational courses. I take every opportunity to learn from other like-minded individuals especially WOMEN, very important and vital. Thus, I began to put into practice my learning and before I knew it, friends were sending me referrals and it went from once in a while to almost weekly. Womb Shanti isn't just a service base spa but a platform to inform others, Women & Men, alike about how we are more than one piece but an integral part of the universal makeup.

I will continue to share my findings and understandings. I look forward to working with you in achieving wholeness. Thank you! Bless be.

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