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  • Inspired by a dear friend and new Mommy. The postpartum kit was carefully crafted and handmade with her and other MOMMY's in mind. 


    Understanding the transformation that Mothers go under to bring life into this world, this kit is meant to show some love and attention. To help restore her body and mind in order for her to be at her most optimal self. 


    Each item is handmade and 100% organic, this is sure to help any Mommy feel like herself again. 

    Snap Back Care Bundle

    • Kit ($50 value)

      • Nipple Serum 
      • Large Snap Back Your Queen Tea 
      • The Mother Soap - a Yoni & Body 100% Castile Soap 

       Box ($250 value)

      • Snap Back Your Queen Tea
      • Snap Back Herbal Steam Blend 
      • Womb Shanti Yoni Steam Bowl and Yoni Bag
      • Yoni Egg with Hemp String 
      • The Mother Soap - Yoni & Body Soap 
      • Nipple Restore Serum 

      Includes a 10% off in person Yoni Steam session

      *Customization of the BOX is available* 

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